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Jim McGee, MBA, Ph.D.
Managing Director 
New Shoreham Consulting

I help organizations and their knowledge workers get the value from their technology investments that they’ve been promised. This only happens when the technology is properly aligned with the organization.

That alignment depends on understanding how both technology and organizations work. It also depends on experience helping smart, creative, and independent people develop and integrate new skills and practices.

The experience comes from years of designing and implementing systems large, medium, and small organizations in industries spanning retail, meat packing, advertising, health care, insurance, and higher education, among others. The knowledge and understanding comes from that experience as well as formal education in strategy, technology, and organizational design.

My LinkedIn profile contains details of my experience. Some highlights:

  • Founding partner of Diamond Management & Technology Consultants
  • Chief Knowledge Officer and Chief Learning Officer for Diamond
  • Clinical Professor of Technology, Innovation, and Electronic Commerce at Kellogg School of Management
  • Fellow at Cap Gemini, Ernst & Young’s Center for Business Innovation
  • Co-author, with Larry Prusak, of Managing Information Strategically (John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1993)

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